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We Don't Hate Pink

Ever since starting conversations about this business I have been asked if I hate pink, or dresses, or princess crowns. Every time the answer is the same.

I only want to offer an alternative.

I love pink, though sadly it doesn't suit me too well so I don't wear a lot of it. But I wear dresses and sparkly things and many things that might be considered feminine. So does my daughter - and if she picks a frilly pink dress then she can wear one. This feels unlikely at the moment as the only thing she'll wear is her Buzz Lightyear t-shirt but you never know.

Pink and sparkly is fine. It's great even. I just don't believe it's the only thing girls can wear. I also believe it's not only girls that can wear it. The character of Bitz from CBeebies's show "Bitz and Bob". She wears a pink tutu with green and white leggings and a denim jacket holding her tools. Brilliant. A good friend of mine has told me her youngest son's favourite outfit is his Spiderman onesie with a pink skirt on top (I'm working on a photo because this sounds awesome to me).

Not Just A Princess has 'Just' in the title for a reason. There's a lot more to girls that pink, sparkles or crowns. Let's tell the world all about it.

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