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Being a Female Train Driver

Vital Statistics
  • Hours: XX per week

  • Starting salary is usually XX 

  • Qualifications required: PSV category D, D1 license

What's it like being a Coach Driver?

Lauren INTRO.

Job title: (Public Service Vehicle (PSV) driver

Current employer

Industry: Transport

Hours: XX hours per week on average

How long have you been in your field? XX years

What's it like being a coach driver?

I drive my coach to different places, picking up clients and I keep the coach clean.

Was there anything you liked doing at school that helped you get to this career?

Not really, I devolved interest later in life

What were your favourite subjects at school?


What did you want to be as a child when you 'grew up'?

A truck driver

Can you remember what your parents reactions were to that aspiration?

my mum was ok with it

Can you remember your parents or teachers wanting or encouraging you to go into a specific career when you 'grew up'?

My mum wanted me to be a hairdresser

What do you think are attitudes towards and expectations of women in your profession?

I hear a lot of 'you're just a driver' but our job role is underestimated.

Are there any challenges or benefits working in your field?

It's known as a male field so changing the perception is the challenge


What’s your favourite part of your job?

Meeting new people everyday and driving which I love

Are people normally surprised when they find out what you do?

Yes, normally everyone!

What advice would you give to younger girls who are aspiring scientists, or who haven't even considered it as a career?

Go for it if you want it then it's there I love driving and would encourage you


- Lauren

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