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TED Talks we love

Be inspired to the cause

Want to get behind our cause and share your #notjustaprincess story?

Here are a few of our favourite references for you to find out more.

Our favourite quote from this one is "privilege is invisible to those who have it".

The title says it all, and is precisely why we take issue with the wording on kids' clothing. From the founder of an organisation we are big fans of called Girls Who Code.

Highlights the problem with labelling and perfectionism, even when applied to 'being a feminist'. And by the way, her favourite colour is pink.

We also recommend any writing by Laura Bates, who is founder of the Everyday Sexism project. Her books are brilliant. For a shorter article see her recent writing in The Economist Essays.

With thanks to Sara Parry at Inspiring Girls for sharing the first two videos with me some time ago. They have stuck with me for a long time.

Let us know what you think and please share other talks or articles on the subject in the comments.

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