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What does Not Just A Princess mean for boys? Charlie's story.

Charlie has a 3 year old son, Isaac. She was aware of the work Not Just a Princess was doing for girls but as the mum of a 3 year old boy wasn't sure it was particularly relevant to her.

Charlie and her husband, Matt, had always been keen to teach Isaac the importance of gender equality, or in the language of a 3 year old the fact that girls and boys can do all the same things. So were understandably taken aback when one day Isaac, who loves cars, said he didn't think a girl could be a mechanic.

Charlie and Matt were surprised at his view, and where he'd got that idea from. For them it demonstrated how big a part wider environmental influences play on children of both genders, be that through clothes, toys or the TV programmes they watch. They were keen to share their story with Not Just A Princess as a way of highlighting why giving a positive gender message to boys is just as important as inspiring girls, and ultimately is all part of helping to break down career and, more broadly, gender stereotypes.

Here's Charlie's story in her own words...

And if you are, anyone you know, is a female mechanic we'd love to hear from you.

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