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Announcing our new partnership with Taylor Wimpey Oxfordshire

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Taylor Wimpey Oxfordshire. Taylor Wimpey are one of the UK's largest residential developers. They are proud to represent responsible development and are committed to working with local people and communities.

As part of their support for Not Just A Princess, they've sponsored our brand new Little Builder offering, our inaugural Festival of the Girl, and invited us to interview two female employees about their careers working in the construction industry.

Rebecca Bowker - Project Manager

Beci Bowker manages large scale site development, including one project with over 3k units. She project manages the infrastrcuture including community centres, schools, sports pitches, playing facilities, roads and drainage around the area.

"I don't turn up to work as a woman, I turn up to work as a project manager. My gender makes no difference, it's about my drive and my ability and the effort I put in means I've got to where I have".

Watch her 5 minute interview to find out more about what it's like to work on a building site and be a project manager and her advice to aspiring project managers.

"The best part of job, camerarderie - it takes a lot of effort to put a site the size that we have together and keep it functioning on a day to day basis. I have a better team than I could've hoped for."

Barbara Mitchell - Project Manager

Barbara is a manager in PMIP (Project Management Implementation Process). This means she spends most of her time chasing different people in different departments, making sure they are all ready to achieve their deadlines so their customers can move into their houses on time.

This is what she says about being a women in housing industry;

"I absolutely love it, I don't think there's any differnece. I used to work in the military which is very family orientated, and it's exactly the same here at Taylor Wimpey. I don't think I'm treated any differently."

Barbara's advice for any aspiring young woman is"why not do it, nothing stopping you. every failure you can learn from. You have to apply yourself, otherwise you'll never know."

A huge thanks to Taylor Wimpey for letting us film these two inspiring women and for their financial support and sponsorship.

Don't forget to check out our construction manager career case study.

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